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Typically this is provided for professional or consultancy business like Doctors, Architects, Solicitors, Accountants, Financial Advisors and any "Regulated" business or consultancy where "advice" is given as part of the service. Cover can include the follow:


  • Breach of Duty / Neglect

  • Civil Liability

  • Contractual Liability

  • Dishonesty of employees / fidelity

  • Legal costs

  • ​Unintentional breach of confidence

  • Loss of Documents

  • Libel / Slander

  • Copy right infringement


For the small to medium sized practitioner a large successful claims could quite easily bankrupt a business if you do not hold adequate cover.




Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance (D&O), or management liability insurance, is specialist insurance that gives financial protection equally to directors, partners or any officers of a company. It is there to protect against the cost of claims for compensation made against the particular individual or indeed the company itself (Entity Defence protection).

Being a director or partner brings with it certain responsibilities – to your employees, members of the public even investors and regulators. It also exposes the individuals holding the positions of director, partner or officer to personal liability for

the actions or omissions they make in the performance of their company duties. This means that they can personally be liable for claims which could lead to the payment of fines, compensation or even imprisonment.

Protect against the cost of defending or settling:

  • A health and safety or manslaughter claim

  • An employment claim

  • Breach of duty or trust

  • Negligence or defamation of character

  • Wrongful trading under section 214 of the Insolvency Act 1986

  • Improper administration of a pension or employee benefit scheme

  • Pollution or contamination claim.

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