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We have access to a wide range of office & surgery polices which we can tailor to meet your specific needs.

Other polices include cover for:

  • General Contents

  • Computer Equipment

  • Buildings/Signs/tenants Improvements etc

  • Business interruption

  • Public/Employers Liability

  • Specialist Equipment

  • Legal Expenses


We can provide for computer and other portable equipment away from the office and include 24hr help lines for claims

and emergencies.


To reduce the hassle factor polices can usually be effected within a few days with many companies not even

requiring completion of a proposal form.

Additional and more specific computer cover can also be arranged to include loss of data etc. There can be other additional

products which can be used to reduce the inconvience of a loss. Please contact us to find out more.






We have access to several schemes designed for the retail industry. Our policies can provide exceptionally high levels of

cover for very competitive premiums. Our package polices can include cover for:


  • Stock

  • Buildings - Shop fronts - Signs

  • General contents including fixture & fittings & tenants improvements

  • Public products & Employers Liability

  • Business interruption

  • Goods in transit

  • Legal protection






We have experience in Public / Products and Employer's Liability Insurance and have many specialist Insurers able to offer terms to the most complex business risks. We are therefore able to offer cover for most types of occupation including:


  • Building trades/companies

  • Cleaning contractors

  • Property developers

  • Electrical contractors

  • Security/Alarm specialists

  • Most office based occupation

  • IT consultants

  • Property owners

  • We have access to several insurers that specialise in providing cover for the most High - Risk trades.





This is designed for businesses that need a specific bespoke policy and do not readily fall into a "Packaged Product"

Typically for Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Engineering Industries where a policy needs to be designed around

the specific needs of your business.


We have access to a large panel of top insurers and also have access to the Lloyds market for the more specialised risks. Commercial combined policies of this nature usually provide for:


  • Buildings

  • General contents - fixtures & fittings

  • Machinery & equipment including computers & IT

  • Public / Products / Employers Liability

  • Business interruption or increased cost of working

  • Goods in transit

  • Money

  • Legal expenses


It is also often possible to add additional covers.

For more information please contact us on 0345 040 0273 - 

Dedicated schemes for all types of Business

insurance – Simple, effective and free advice

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